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We often note the passage of time by the ever changing flowers in our gardens and fields.  We watch them break through the soil, grow and blossom and then, ultimately, fade away as the seasons change.

The lessons in this workbook show you, through step by step demonstrations, how to paint a detailed botanical specimen from each of the four seasons using gouache, a very versatile and easy to learn medium.

The materials you'll need are:

Watercolor Paper:  I usually use 140# Arches hot press but there are many other good quality brands out there.  Just be sure that you use a very smooth paper (hot press) because you'll be doing fine detail.  A smooth illustration board can also be a good substrate.

Watercolor Brushes:  You'll be using very small brushes.  I recommend an 18/0 or 20/0, a 4/0 and a #1 brush.  Gouache is very hard on brushes so don't spend a lot of money on them.  Just be sure that the brush will make a very fine point.  Student grade generally won't be good enough but there are many brands of good quality brushes that can be purchased for five or six dollars.

Pencil (I use a 4B) and a kneaded eraser.  You may also want to use tracing paper to transfer your drawing to the watercolor paper.  Cover one side with soft graphite to make your transfer and the tracing paper can be used over and over again.  Just keep it folded so that the graphite won't smear on anything it touches!

Gouache:  There are many brands of good quality gouache available.  I use Winsor Newton almost exclusively but try other brands if you can to see what works best for you.  There are also many very inexpensive sets of gouache out there -- avoid them if you can!  The results can be very disappointing with inferior materials.  In this course you'll be using the following colors.  These are from the Winsor Newton line:

        Permanent White                                               Yellow Ochre

        Marigold Yellow                                                 Olive Green

        Burnt Umber                                                       Ultramarine Blue

        Burnt Sienna                                                        Brilliant Yellow

        Spectrum Red                                                      Opera Pink or Bengal Rose

So, pick up your brush, find a quiet spot to concentrate and spend some time painting some detailed botanical illustrations.  Enjoy!

The course is offered as a pdf in a download ($7.95)  and as a 43 page print workbook ($12.95).  To purchase please click on one of the links below.

Botanical Illustration in Gouache

The Four Seasons

Easy to follow step by step demonstrations to create

detailed illustrations in gouache