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Lynn -- Sandy Williams has another winner.  I love the way she inspires the artist, from beginner to experienced, to enter into the creative process.  She gives step by step guidance from initial thought through research, composition and every step the artist will need to form their own beautiful creations.

Nature is full of an abundance of plants and animals, filling our lives with color, motion and amazement.  Have you ever wondered how you could record them in your artwork?  This workbook is a concise overview of all the steps that go into composing a realistic, detailed natural science illustration.  Topics covered are inspiration, research, composition, drawing, painting, composing the painting "Midwest Summer," and framing.  A "Call to Action" section outlines the steps I use to teacch my students in my live classes.  This  43 page workbook is filled with valuable information that will help you organize  and create a detailed work.

Patty - "Composing a Natural Science Illustration," written and illustrated by Sandy Williams, has been informative and a delight to read.  The Step by Step instructions have enabled me to continue my journey in natural science illustration with confidence.  Sandy is an excellent teacher and her expertise shines through in this beautifully written and illustrated workbook.

Although the other workbooks in this series are geared toward learning to paint with gouache, this workbook is valuable to all artists in any medium.  The section on painting is for gouache artists but the sections on inspiration, research, composition, drawing and framing hold true no matter what medium you use.

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Sue - This book will inspire any artist, working in any media.  I love the humor Sandy Williams injects here and there, too.  It is written as if she were talking to you face to face!  Highly recommended!

Composing a Natural Science Illustration

Sound of Wings Studio

Sandy Williams