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Birds are such an inspiration to the artist, so full of movement, color and ever changing form.  With gouache, an opaque watercolor, and some practice, you can learn to paint every little detail of our feathered friends and make realistic illustrations.

In this second workbook on birds (it's not necessary to have completed the first one as this is a stand alone workbook)  I can help you along your way.  The four demonstrations give step by step instructions for creating illustrations of an Eastern Meadowlark, an American Robin, an Eastern Bluebird and a Wood Duck.

So, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist wanting to brush up on gouache,  find a quiet place and spend some time with your paper, brushes and paint and learn some techniques for painting with gouache.

The materials you'll need are:

    watercolor paper: I recommend #140 hot press because you can get clear details on a smoother paper

    watercolor brushes:  At least a #1 round, a 4/0 round and an 18/0 or 20/0 round;  think small!

    pencil:  I use a soft 4B

    kneaded eraser

    tracing paper:  to transfer your drawing to your watercolor paper.  If you have a light box use that


    gouache:  make sure to get a good quality paint.  I use Winsor & Newton but there are several

        good brands on the market:

              Permanent White                                             Opera Pink

              Olive Green                                                       Primary Blue

              Burnt Umber                                                     Ultramarine Blue

              Burnt Sienna                                                      Marigold Yellow

              Spectrum Yellow                                               Spectrum Red

This 58 page workbook is available as either a downloadable pdf ($7.95) or as a printed book ($12.95 plus $3.00 shipping).  The print copy can be ordered through this web site or it's also available on Amazon.

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