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People have been painting the animal form since prehistoric times.  We've been fascinated by their powerful and graceful movement, fur, scales, feathers and diversity.  In this course I've demonstrated, step by step, how to use  gouache to paint three common animals -- a soft brown Rabbit, a rough coated Raccoon and smooth haired Pinto Trail Horse.  The beauty of gouache is twofold.  You can get extremely detailed results and the medium is very forgiving.  Anything that isn't working can be painted over.  I've used a limited palette and all three of these paintings can be completed by using only the nine tubes of paint listed below.  I use Winsor Newton but there are many good quality brands of gouache available.  Please avoid the low priced sets that are also currently available.  They're really not worth the money and you'll probably be disappointed with the results.

Permanent White                     Ultramarine Blue

Ivory Black                                 Primary Blue

Burnt Umber                              Primary Yellow

Burnt Sienna                              Olive Green

Yellow Ochre

You'll also need a sheet of #140 hot press watercolor paper, a palette (a white paper plate will do if you don't have one), several small brushes (4/0 small round, #1 small round and an 18/0 or 20/0 round), a water container and a pencil and kneaded eraser.

We start with blending exercises to learn how to paint fur and eyes.  Then we continue on to the three main paintings -- the Rabbit, Raccoon and Trail Horse.

The workbook is available as a 45 page print version ($12.95 plus $3.00 shipping) and as a downloadable pdf ($7.95).  To purchase click on one of the links below.  The workbooks are also available on Amazon.

Painting Animals in Gouache

Easy to Follow, step by step demonstrations and tips to create detailed illustrations

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