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The variety of birds that surround us is amazing.  We've always been fascinated by their ability to fly, living in a world of three dimensions while we're restricted to only two.  With gouache, an opaque watercolor, artists are able to capture the brilliant or subtle colors of plumage, sparkling eyes and soft forms.

I've chosen three common birds for these step by step demonstrations:  the Black Capped Chickadee, the American Goldfinch and the Blue Jay.  First, you'll start out with two blending exercises designed to show the technique of using gouache to paint a realistic feather and an owl's eye.  Then you'll continue on to the three birds.

You'll be using a limited palette, and all of these exercises can be completed using only these nine colors:

        Permanent White                Ivory Black

        Burnt Umber                        Burnt Sienna

        Ultramarine Blue                 Primary Blue

        Spectrum Yellow                  Olive Green

        Yellow Ochre

With these colors, three small round brushes (18/0 or 20/0, 4/0 and a #1), a white palette, a half sheet of 140# hot press watercolor paper, a piece of tracing paper and this guide you'll have all the tools you need to begin painting realistic birds.  Enjoy!

This workbook is available as a 39 page printed book ($12.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling) and as a downloadable pdf version ($7.95).  To purchase click on one of the links below.  The workbooks may also be purchased on Amazon.

Painting Birds in Gouache

Easy to follow step by step demonstrations and tips to create detailed illustrations