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Sandy Williams

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Painting Butterflies & Moths in Gouache

easy to follow, step by step demonstrations and Tips
 to create detailed illustrations

Butterflies and moths are the flowers of the sky.  In their short lives they inspire us to try to capture their fleeting beauty with our paints and brushes.  This course strives, through step by step demonstrations, to show both beginning and more advanced artists how to use gouache to record every little detail of their beautifully patterned wings.

You'll start with painting a section of a Buckeye's wing to practice the use of technical skills.  Then you'll go on to the three demonstrtions -- The Monarch, The Tiger Swallowtail and the Cecropia Moth.

The materials you need are:

Watercolor Paper:  I use Arches 140# hot press paper but there are many fine papers available.  Just be sure that your purchase hot press.  It has the smoothest surface and it makes getting fine details much easier.

Watercolor Brushes:  Three should be enough:  an 18/0 or 20/0, a 4/0 and a #1, all round brushes.  Gouache can be tough on brushes so I buy good quality but not the finest. 

Pencil (I use 4B) and a kneaded eraser.  Tracing paper to transfer your drawing to your watercolor paper.  A white palette or even a white paper plate will do to hold your paint.  Its always nice to have a palette that closes for transport.

Gouache:  The eight tubes listed here will give you enough variety of colors to complete all the illustrations in this course.  The brand I use is Winsor & Newton but that's not a requirement:

        Permanent white                    Primary Blue

        Marigold Yellow                     Ivory Black

        Burnt Umber                          Ultramarine Blue

        Burnt Sienna                           Brilliant Yellow

The workbook is available as a downloadable pdf ($7.95) or as a  printed workbook ($12.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling).  To purchase one please click on one of the links below.