Painting Garden Animals in Gouache

What better medium could there be than gouache to make highly detailed illustrations of our garden partners?  Gouache, an opaque watercolor, can be layered and blended to make realistic paintings of animals and flowers, getting down to every last little bit of fur, sparkle in the eye or softness of a petal.  This 45 page workbook explains the techniques used by showing them in step by step, easy to follow demonstrations.  If you're just starting out in your art career or you're an experienced artist who wants to expand your knowledge about painting with gouache, this workbook is for you.  So get out your paint and paper and enjoy!

The two illustrations of the Eastern Chipmunk above show it during your first and last steps. 

The workbook is available in a print version and also as a downloadable pdf.

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Sound of Wings Studio

Sandy Williams

Donna - Sandy Williams does wonderful books on nature painting using gouache.  This book is totally charming as the examples to paint are small animals in natural settings.  She gives great instruction and examples for teaching.  This book talks about under painting and blending.  Most of her books begin with how to use gouache.  She also has a great web site with monthly newsletters with different painting examples.  I love this book!  It is one of her best so far and I own them all!

For a downloadable version of the pdf click here to buy now.  The cost is $7.95.  When notification of purchase is received I'll send you the link!