Natural Science Illustration encompasses a myriad of subjects.  some fascinating ones that are often overlooked are toads and turtles.  Their skin ands hells have amazingly beautiful textures, patterns and colors.  THis class, int he form of a 36 page pdf, guides you through three paintings.  First is an exercise using a simplified snail to practice the all important technique of blending gouache.  tHe second lesson explores the bumpy texture of the American Toad and the third andl ast lesson details the steps to create the beautifully patterned Eastern Box Turtle.  Since this class is a pdf you'll be learning at a pace that is comfortable for you. 

The materials you'll need are:

Watercolor paper:  I recommend 140# Arches hot press but there are many good quality papers available.  Just make sure that you're working on a very smooth surface. 

Watercolor brushes:  You'll need a 20/0 or 18/0 round, a 4/0 round and a #1 round brush.

Pencil and kneaded eraser.  You'll also need a white palette.  One that closes is best but a white paper plate will do just fine.

Gouache:  I use Winsor Newton almost exclusively but there are other high quality brands available, too.  Try them out to see what works for you.  There are also some very inexpensive kits on the market but please avoid them.  They're very difficult to work with and the results can be disappointing.  The illustrations in this course can be completed with the following seven colors.

    Permanent White                    Ultramarine Blue

    Olive Green                              Brilliant Yellow

    Burnt Umber                            Burnt Sienna

    Primary Red

The workbook is available as either a downloadable pdf ($7.95) or as a print version ($12.95 plus $3.00 postage).  If you'd like to make a purchase click on one of the links below.


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Painting Toads & Turtles in Gouache

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